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Sand Mining

Sand Mining is one of the most important businesses around the world. It is growing larger with passing days, as the demand of sand and gravel has grown manifolds with continuous development. It is estimated that the demand of cement by China, in 20 years, has increased by 430 percent, whereas, it has increased by 60 percent around the world. Owing to the progress and advancement the countries are making, mining of sand is one of those solid materials that are extracted the maximum across the globe.

Every year, more than 53 billion tons of sand is extracted around the world, thus becoming the most used raw material, after water, on earth. It is used for various purposes, such as construction of buildings, roads, foundation of places, in making abrasive or concrete, etc. Sand mining, basically, is extraction of sand from open pits, river beds, beaches, inland dunes, etc. It has become a billion dollar industry round the world.

There is a constant requirement of heavy machinery to meet the needs and demands of the industry. The whole process of sand mining requires a lot of products, such as, crushers, grinding mills, mining machines, auxiliary equipment, even excavators, telehandlers, backhoe loaders, generators, etc. There are a lot of heavy-machinery manufacturers like JCB that are developing high-end products for the industrial demand.

Understanding the process of Sand Mining

Sand Mining involves a lot of processing as it heavily depends upon the location of the mining. Sand mining occurs both on land and water and hence requires different types of logistic and equipment according to the need of the situation. Gravel and sand are generally extracted from open pits using shovels, draglines, extractors, loaders, excavators, generators, etc. During mining from water beds, the other method used is dredging. In this process, boats and barges are used to carry the equipment.

It is an arduous task; before the process of mining begins there are different overlying layers that need to be separated from the product required. These sandstones are then removed from the mine-pit by the help of different loaders and excavators. There are several products by different suppliers and manufacturers that are developing products to make this task easier. JCB has a 21 ton excavator and mini telescopic handler used in sand mining that deliver excellent output with their high yielding productivity and capacity.

JCB is providing a 21 ton mining excavator for sale that is not only fuel-efficient but also cost-effective at the same time. These 21 tonne excavator are one of the best for sand mining and with JCB producing excellent-quality machines, they are a fine choice. The other important equipment can be listed as telehandlers and mini telescopic handler for sand mining. JCB provides wide range of telescopic handlers for sand mining from ‘7 meters lift to the height of 17 meters’. The customers can buy these JCB telehandlers for the purpose of sand mining as they are designed to completely modify the efficiency of the work done. The JCB designed mini telescopic handlers for sand mining have excellent maneuverability and comfortable operative system.

The process also requires backhoe loaders for sand mining as it helps in easy separation and lifting of sandstones from the walls of the mine dug deep. JCB has several backhoe models especially designed for sand mining. The backhoe for sand mining is versatile, handles rigorous work and with its hydraulic system, enhances the performance of the product. With its great digging-depth, the JCB backhoe models for sand mining are exclusive and highly efficient for the task.

On the other hand, sand mining being a highly strenuous and demanding task, leads to various limitations. There is an excessive need of energy required for the working of a lot of equipment, specially the bulk processing equipment such as crushers, shovels, etc. Therefore, it is feasible to use functional sand mining generators that produce quantifiable result in lesser amount of time. These second hand generators for sand mining are cost-effective for the users, since they are beneficial both at production and economic front. These JCB generators for sand mining help the consumers to work-through the entire process with great ease and comfort.



JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Dig Depth
4.77 m
Maximum Engine Power
56 kW (76hp)
Maximum Loader Capacity
Shovel Capacity

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JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8-1.02 cum
Maximum Engine Power
106kW (140hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
21250 kg

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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