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Marble Mining

Marble, once called the Royal Stone, is one of the most appreciated materials for its use in art and architecture. It has been used in historical monuments, buildings, tombs, temples, and hence was once known as the Royal Stone. However, lately it is used in offices, hotels and even at home. India is famous for producing different range of marbles such as Makrana Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Andhi Marble, Salumber Marble, Abu Black, Katni Range, etc.

India is home to one of the largest marble-producing place near Udaipur which famously produces Rajnagar Marble. Marble is considered as a remarkable stone for its features and durability. It lasts long and is also a beautiful stone that is decorative in nature. There are several states in India that produces marble; however the most prominent ones are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. Out of all Rajasthan can be considered the king of producing fine quality marble.

Rajasthan alone accounts to almost 89 percent of total produce of marble in India and there are almost 4000 marble mining sites in the state of Rajashtan alone. The mining of marble is done through different ways, both in semi-mechanised and mechanised way. All these procedures require fine-machinery and expertise for smooth functioning at a mining site. And, with the huge demand of marble in the global market, it becomes necessary for manufacturers to design user friendly machines and products. JCB is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of mining machines and has developed efficient excavators and generators for marble mining.

Understanding the process of Marble Mining

Marble is an important raw material; it is used in buildings, sculptures, art, architecture, etc. The beauty and fineness of the stone has made it remarkably useful. It is nowadays used in both interior and exterior spaces. The application of marble is manifold due to its high resistance to erosion, its durability and strength. It is also used, non-commercially, in paints, lime, toothpastes, etc.

Marble is produced in a metamorphic rock and is rich in calcium content. It is extracted from a quarry ground following various measures and stages. It includes, blasting, cutting through blocks, extracting those rock blocks, etc. It requires a long time to even begin the process of marble mining. The initial stage is to continuously dig the mine area to start extracting from the quarry. Marble mining requires adequate use of equipment that helps in greater production while consuming the least of time

One of the leading suppliers and manufacturer of heavy machineries, JCB, uses different products that help in meeting industrial demands with great efficiency. For instance, JCB 21 tons excavator used for marble mining proves much adequate in the entire process. It has a powerful engine and high output generating response. This 21 tons excavator is highly power-packed digger thus becoming extremely useful during extraction.

JCB also provides different excavator models on rent for the purpose of marble mining. It is an excellent exercise for short-term contracts and also saves on bulk expenditure. All the excavators rented for marble mining are checked, processed and then delivered. They go through various check-points and verified for their proper performance. The purpose behind the entire process of verification is to provide with excellent quality product, like the 21 tons excavator for the marble mining, to the customer.

Apart from all the extraction, there are other additional procedures to be kept in mind. It is important to make a pathway through the mines to make it accessible for vehicles carrying equipment. There is a person in-charge of overseeing all the cuts made in the quarry and establish the difference of ‘cutting through the vein’ and ‘cross-cut across the vein’. All these processes require efforts and energy. There is a huge amount of energy that is required to run all the products well and efficiently.

It is important to use productive marble mining generators that help in balancing out the energy required and also produces significant result in lesser amount of time. The customers can buy JCB generators for marble mining; they are made fuel-efficient, are designed as compact as possible, and also structured to store more. JCB also provides marble mining generators on rent. These marble mining generators are cost-effective for the users, since they are beneficial both at production and economic front. JCB generators for marble mining are promising, reliable and safe for use.


JS220LC Xtra

JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8 – 1.2 cum
Maximum Engine Power
170 hp
Maximum Operating Weight
21750 kg

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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