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Limestone Mining

Limestone is one of the most important minerals available in Indian region that is considerably used by different industries for multiple purposes. Almost all states in India are estimated to be good producers of limestone. Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of limestone in India with almost 16 percent of India’s total limestone coming from this state. Other states contributing abundantly are Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu.

Limestone, for its multiple-usage, is an important mineral for the nation. For instance, 75 percent of limestone produced in India is consumed by our cement industry. Even businesses like Iron and steel industry and chemical industry requires a significant amount of limestone in their industrial usage. With the wave of development enfolding the nation, limestone mining becomes a crucial asset in this entire course of growth.

There is a constant need of better, safe, and high-tech equipment and companies like JCB have come up with advanced backhoe loaders, generators, and excavators to meet the needs of the industries. These reliable products have made it possible for people to indulge effortlessly in the mining sector.

What is Limestone Mining?

Limestone is called the basic building block of a cement industry. It is a sedimentary rock that is one of the major ingredients from which lime, cement, building blocks are made. The processed form helps in producing day to day products like paper, glass, paint, detergents, etc. Limestone Mining is not an underground process and is done out in the open. After a detailed research of the existence of rocks in the pre-decided region, drilling, extractions, hauling, etc. are various steps involved in the entire process.

There are various tools involved such as drills, shovels, loaders, etc. The loaders in limestone mining are used to blow mixtures in blast holes. The loose rocks are ridden off by the use of scaling rigs. Almost, more than half of the energy used by such equipment comes from DG sets in limestone mining. All this mining is essential for the steel industry as the lime extracted helps in purifying phosphorus and sulfur. Limestone mining has become an important part of the industry that is constantly used to satisfy the needs and requirements of the world. Therefore, the use of right and appropriately developed tools becomes highly important. 

Crucial Equipment for Limestone Mining

**Backhoe loaders for Limestone Mining

Backhoe loaders are quite efficient in limestone mining, as the chassis and loaders arms are robust enough to lift heaviest of heavy weights. Therefore, during the process of extraction, backhoe plays an important role in limestone mining. Companies like JCB are producing efficient products that are compact in size and with better maneuvering skills and higher productivity. These products are highly durable and hence can be used for a longer period of time.

Equipment like backhoe for limestone mining is like a blessing for the mining teams. JCB also provides used backhoe loader for sale under two categories: JCB Sarvottam and JCB Select. Since, extraction is the first step towards bringing the limestone rock to use; there are different ways to begin the process. The first step is to understand the position of the surface. If the surface is found horizontal, a cut is made by backhoe used in limestone mining for the extraction of bigger blocks. In the second case, if there is a vertical cut, the heavy weighing rock is separated firstly.

**Excavators for Limestone Mining

Excavator is important equipment during limestone mining. Since, the first steps deal with the excavation of limestone rocks, these diggers are the best help during the process. There is a wide range of excavators available that helps in digging up the ground and provides full efficiency at the mining site. For instance, the 20 ton excavator for mining is well-equipped to meet the needs of a mining area. It is well efficient, resourced with latest technology, higher productivity, and better fuel efficiency. The lifting capacity of a 20 ton excavator is suitable for limestone mining.

For easy prices, there is availability of used JCB 20 ton excavator for limestone mining which is completely reliable and goes through a pre-set verification check-points. These help in verifying the efficiency of the product and also to provide with assured machines to the customers. These are designed to effectively handle the site at a limestone mining and the excavator with 20 ton capacity is one of the most suitable for the extraction of limestone rocks.

**Generator for Limestone Mining

Limestone Mining requires a lot of extracting, drilling, blasting, loading, hauling, etc for proper working. Each operation requires distinct feature in the machine, for instance, the requirement of capacity of the production involves abundant use of energy. These tasks in hand require generators for limestone mining as they are designed on their performance, serviceability, and strength. The generators used in Limestone Mining should be suitable to meet the requirement of the mining site.

The diesel generator sets or DG sets are an integral part of the mining as they provide almost 72 percent energy to different other equipment used while mining. All these facets like high-end drills, shovels use DG sets for limestone mining. They are the part of the entire process, from extracting to transporting them. JCB is providing 3 phase generator on sale that is not only highly efficient but also comes at an easy finance option. These generators for limestone mining provide a lot of power, capacity, control and stability.



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0.8-1.02 cum
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