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Lignite Mining

Lignite or Brown Coal is formed in thousand years by the process of metamorphism and the decay of vegetation. It is one of the major energy-producing sources not only in India but also across the world. It is extensively used in thermal power plants these days. With the constant increase in the need for energy, mining of lignite has become an impertinent industrial business.

Lignite is different from coal and is available in some parts of India where even coal is not available. States that produce lignite in India are Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Pondicherry, Jammu & Kashmir, and Kerala. Since, the transportation of coal is highly costly, its non-availability-especially in the above mentioned states- makes lignite a cost-effective alternative for the production of energy.

It is estimated that almost 80 percent of lignite mining happens below 180 meters of depth and hence is a fairly difficult task to execute. The process of lignite mining requires high-end equipment and technology for safe and active extraction of the resource. There are several companies like JCB that are producing superior and high-quality products to meet the needs of the industry.

Understanding Lignite Mining

With the shift in India’s functioning, from using a non-commercial to commercial source of energy to meet the growing energy-needs of the country, lignite has made a significant image for itself in this frame. Lignite mining started occurring around 1961 to add on to the energy producing resources other than coal. And, since 2011, the production of lignite is estimated to be increasing and has reached more than 42.33 million tons.

Since lignite is formed at the sedimentary level, there is a formation of unconsolidated and loose strata made up of clay, sandstone, etc. on its surface. During underground mining, this process becomes treacherous because of the looseness. Therefore, lignite mining requires adequate use of equipment that helps in greater production while consuming the least of time. One of the leading suppliers and manufacturer of heavy machineries, JCB, uses different products that help in meeting industrial demands with great efficiency.

For instance, JCB 38 ton excavator used for lignite mining proves much adequate in the entire process. With excellent engine response and high output generating performance, this helps in digging with a powerful force thus making it extremely useful during extraction. The 38 ton excavator works like a break-through machine during lignite mining. It empowers the user to control and manage constantly changing uses of the machine at the mining site.

JCB also provides the 38 ton excavator on rent for the purpose of lignite mining. It helps in handling various applications in difficult situations and it also comes easy on financial basis for the customer. With the used 38 ton excavator, JCB has kept in mind to testify the condition of the machine by processing it through varied check-points. The purpose behind the entire process is to provide with excellent quality product, like the 38 ton excavator for the lignite mining, to the customer.

On the other hand, lignite being high moisture and low-calorific-value fuel has various constraints. The amount of quantum that is used and managed is higher in the entire process, therefore, it is viable to use productive and functional lignite mining generators that help in balancing out the energy required and also produce quantifiable result in lesser amount of time. JCB provides lignite mining generators on sale and also supply second hand generators for the same. These second hand generators are cost-effective for the users during lignite mining, since they are beneficial both at production and economic front, thus, making the entire process less cumbersome and more effective for the consumers.


JCB 380LC Xtra

JCB Excavator
Maximum Operating Weight
36,700 Kg
Maximum Engine Power
284hp (212 kW)
Maximum Bucket capacity
1.4-2.3* Cu.m

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JCB Generetor
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Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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