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Granite Mining

India is believed to be the fastest growing economy in the world and has successfully become an industrialised country. With different industrial sectors contributing to the country’s financial growth, mining sector contributes a major 11 percent in the economic development of India. Since India is a producer of some extraordinary stones, mining of these stones especially granite, marble, sandstone, slate, etc have become a common phenomenon.

It is estimated that India is one of the major providers of raw stone material, with remarkable quality and at affordable prices. Other important countries giving a competition to India in this trade are China and Spain. Granite Mining is a profitable business and is used for various purposes like production of stone blocks to tend to building and monuments, for the purpose of layering of floors, in structural slabs, etc.

There are to phases in the process of granite mining, that are, quarrying and processing, and India uses developed technology for both. There is a huge requirement of heavy machinery and products to meet the demands at a mining site. Granite mining involves a lot of equipment, such as, drillers, crushers, hydrobags, auxiliary equipment like even excavators, loaders, generators, etc. There are a lot of heavy-machinery manufacturers like JCB that are developing high-end products to satisfy these industrial demands.

Understanding the process of Granite Mining

An igneous rock, granite is formed by the cooling of magma. It is an extremely hard and tough rock and hence is massively used in construction purposes. Granite or slabs, as it is called around the world, is extracted in large size as they have to be cut down in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the dealer. There are big groups of people required in the process to extract granite from mine pits.

With good number of hands, the teams also require equipment that is specially designed to dig around through mine locations, such as good-capacity excavators, rock machines, loaders, etc. Since granite slab can weigh around 40 tons it is important to use equipment that duly handle the pressure and have greater capacity. There are products being designed by suppliers and manufacturers that are made on the motto to make these tasks easier and comfortable. For instance, JCB has world-class excavators that provide excellent efficiency, productivity and strength.

They also have a provision for lending the 38 tonne excavator and JS 220 excavator on rent for the purpose of granite mining. The 38 tonne excavator promises to delivers excellent output with its high yielding performance and capacity. The JS 220 excavator for granite mining that is another break-through machine with high power and smooth excavation operations.

JCB is eager to provide the best comfortable experience to its users both in terms of usage and expenses. They also provide the opportunity to rent these high-power machineries for a specified duration that helps the consumer to balance his finances accordingly. Any willing consumer can find a 38 ton excavator or a JS 220 excavator for the purpose of granite mining with JCB. JCB provides these machineries under two categories: JCB Sarvottam and JCB Select.

Granite requires a lot of extracting, drilling, blasting, crushing, etc. during the entire course of work. Every activity during mining requires a specialized treatment, equipment, and energy. The capacity of production requires energy in abundance. All these tasks in hand require generators for granite mining as they are designed for their world-class performance, serviceability, and strength. The generators used in granite mining should be suitable to meet the requirement of the mining site.

There are diesel generators by JCB that are an important part of mining, as they provide a good amount of energy to the equipment used during the process of granite mining. They are the part of the entire process, from extracting to transporting. JCB is providing granite mining genset on rent that is not only highly efficient but also comes at an easy finance option. These diesel generators for granite mining are fuel-efficient, super-charged and designed to fulfill your requirements.


JCB 380LC Xtra

JCB Excavator
Maximum Operating Weight
36,700 Kg
Maximum Engine Power
284hp (212 kW)
Maximum Bucket capacity
1.4-2.3* Cu.m

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JS220LC Xtra

JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8 – 1.2 cum
Maximum Engine Power
170 hp
Maximum Operating Weight
21750 kg

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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